What is Gezellig Nijmegen?


Gezellig Nijmegen is a meeting space with a living room atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. New residents of Nijmegen can meet other residents of Nijmegen here, and vice versa. Just because it is “Gezellig”! Our hosts and hostess will welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea, a chat and a smile.

You can have a good conversation with others, or become friends while you play a (board)game. We have a pingpong table and various other games available. Every week, we have a variety of activities. For more inforation about the activities, see the activity schedule. And also for small children we have all sorts of toys.


Gezellig Nijmegen has no threshold and a pleasant living room atmosphere. This makes it easy to make contact with others, and to really connect with other visitors.  Where people connect with each other, friendship, respect and understanding arise. We also offer everyone the opportunity to organize activities that they need. Gezellig Nijmegen offers space for this (in the living room or in the activity room) and the facilities. Our volunteers can help with the realization of the plans. Where possible, we make the connection to existing activities and initiatives within Nijmegen.


Gezellig Nijmegen is a source of information for all residents of Nijmegen. We have a lot of knowledge ourselves, and if we do not know something we can refer to other organizations in our building or elsewhere in Nijmegen.

We regularly organize activities and workshops on all kinds of subjects. The content depends on the questions that reach us, so be sure to let us know if you have any improvements or ideas.

Feel welcome

and walk in to get acquainted!